Radio Controlled Sailing

Nothing to do during Covid-19? …..  then now is the time to buy a DF65 Remote Control Sailing Yacht or update / upgrade the one you already have and get ready to race when restrictions are eased.

You may have noticed that the fastest growing fleet at RSYS races in the “pond” every Wednesday from 6pm during Summer or during Winter, on Sundays from 2pm. The Squadron is regularly getting 15 DF65s on the starting line. We can generally get in about 10 races each of about 10 minutes duration before retiring to the Careening Cove for a well-earned drink and debrief.

If you think that the millennials with their enhanced keyboard and gaming skills would have a huge advantage …. you’d be wrong.  I would estimate that 20% of success is derived from boat control (generally gained in a month or so), 40% from boat set-up (prior to putting it in the water) and the remaining 40% from racing tactics and strategy. All your yachting skills are required racing DF65s. Not surprisingly, everything you’ve learned racing yachts is relevant for DF65s with sail shape, boat balance, tactics and strategy identical across classes.

Members of the RSYS RC Fleet have amassed a huge amount of useful information to help you start racing … and you’re welcome to all of it.

So …. what do you need to do to get a DF65 and start racing?  Hobby Warehouse ( is the sole Australian supplier of DF65s and can supply you with most of what you will need. The basic kit with a separate transmitter (recommended), lithium batteries and chargers with an “A” sail and some upgrade bits and pieces will cost about $320.  After a couple of months of racing (and once you’re hooked) you’ll need an “A+” rig (for lighter wind) and a “B” rig (for heavier winds). Each of these rigs and sails cost about $140.  When racing the rigs can be changed over in the few minutes between races if required.

Before you buy or upgrade you need to send an email to me so the we can provide you with all the information you need. The basic components are:

From Hobby Warehouse (exclusive supplier)

  1. Joysway DragonForce 65 V6 2.4GHz RG65 Class DF65 RC Yacht - PNP (without Transmitter or Receiver) - (make sure it’s the V6 not V5) - $189
  2. 6.6V 850mAh DF65/DF95 RX LiFe Rechargable Battery

From Bangood (or other online electronics supplier)

  1. FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH AFHDS RC Radion Transmitter With FS-iA6B Receiver - Mode 2
  2. iMAX B6 80W 6A Lipo Battery Balance Charger with Power Supply Adapter

There are several other “bits and pieces” that you should get …. AA rechargeable batteries, battery extension cable, CorrosionX spray.  These items are all mentioned on the Workshop Notes (compiled by Phil Burgess) which you can get from this link.

If you are looking to get your existing DF65 in racing order, I suggest you go over the Workshop notes as well and compare your setup to the DF65 Tuning Guide compiled by Phil Burgess.  You can get a copy of this guide here.

If you are interested in joining the mailing list for RSYS RC Fleet can email Martin Brady at and you will added to the Google group.

In May the RSYS RC Fleet will hold a Zoom meeting for Fleet members and interested RSYS members. The meeting will be in two parts, the first an update on Fleet plans with some time for discussion. The second, a panel of experienced owners will be available to answer questions and provide useful tips.

If you would like to know more, email me at