2019-2020 Sailing Season

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Amendment 4 - Tuesday Twilight Trophy Race
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Handbook Appendices
Appendix 2: Tide Table
Appendix 3: Sunset Times
Appendix 4: NSW RMS Requirements
Appendix 5: NSW RMS Yacht Person's Brief
Appendix 6: Ferry Activated Exclusion Zone
Appendix 7: On-Water Emergency Procedures
Appendix 8: Guidelines for Efficient Use of the Pond
Appendix 9: Sydney Harbour Transit Zone
Appendix 10: Harbour Marks and Buoys
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Protest Results 2019-2020
The Jackal redress
Viva La Vita v Jackie Clare
Agent 88 v Can Can
Tuesday One Design - Elliott 4, Elliott 3 & Mojo
Alouette v Senta
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