RSYS excel at Yngling Worlds

The 2017 Yngling World Championship was contested on the Sneekermeer Lake at Sneek in the Netherlands from 14 - 22 July.

There were 44 teams competing including one Australian team representing the RSYS: Michael Nash, Sara Ladd and Alexia Biggs in AUS 59. The RSYS team had been training hard for months in the lead up to the World Championship and was able to finish 7th overall - congratulations! 

The winning team skippered by Tom Otte from the Netherlands, with a convincing win of 29 points ahead. Denmark and German teams finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

A complete report coming soon!

Full results here

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Combined Winter Series Race 11

Competitors in the Combined Winter Series were once again treated to another sunny and pleasant day on Sydney Harbour on Saturday 22 July. It was race 11 of the RSYS series, and the second last one. There was a great turnout of 79 boats for the day and as always it created great competition and racing. Although the morning provided the best pressure, the wind in the afternoon was still around 5-10 knots from the NW and W, enough for boats to get around the course comfortably.

Next week’s race is the last of the RSYS series, so good luck to all competitors!


Podium Results (PHS): 

Super 30  

  1. Very Tasty – A Chase / A Turk / A Mather - SASC
  2. Flying Brandy – Marco Tapia  - SASC
  3. Mako – Cameron Wiklund – RANSA


  1. Fagel Grip – Jerry Lees – SASC
  2. Defiance – Nicole Shrimpton – RSYS
  3. Mister Christian – David Salter - SASC

Division 1    

  1. Toy Box 2 – Ian Box – RSYS/MHYC
  2. Peregrine – J&M Stephen & Hugh Torode - RSYS
  3. Game Set – Craig Roberts - RANSA

Division 2  

  1. Campeador – Jonathan Threlfall - RSYS
  2. Shambles – H Smith / A Stuckey - SASC
  3. Plan A – Andrew Patterson - CYCA

Division 3   

  1. Slips - Stephen Churm - SRB
  2. Loose Change – Michael Bleakley - BSC
  3. Capriccio – Tony Craven - RANSA

Non-Spinnaker Division 

  1. Komatsu Azzuro – Shane Kearns - RANSA
  2. Fortune of War – Adrian Gruzman - RANSA
  3. Crackerjack – Dennis Galvin / Chris Harper


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By Angus Olding

Race Management Volunteers

If you’re not out sailing what’s the next best thing to do?

Our Race Management teams are comprised of enthusiastic and capable volunteers.

Volunteering with our Race Management team is a great way to meet new people. It strengthens your ties to the RSYS community and provides an opportunity for you to interact with people of similar interests. It’s also a lot of fun.

And it’s never too late to develop a new hobby. Becoming a Race Management volunteer can open the door to new learning opportunities that you may not have previously considered or thought you were capable of doing.

There are many duties associated with running our events. Whether you are a relatively inexperienced or fully qualified sailor, male or female, or just interested in learning new skills, we would very much like to encourage you to consider joining our team.

The various roles and responsibilities required on a weekly basis are:

- Race Officer (RO) - this person is usually trained and accredited as a Race Officer and is responsible for ensuring competitors are provided with fair and safe sailing. The RO is the boss and directs the management team
- Coxswain – must hold a Boat Driver’s Licence and is responsible for positioning the boat as required by the RO and for the safety of the vessel and those on board
- Time Keeper – responsible for the starting sequence. At the race start, everything on board revolves around the timer
- Flag Operator - responsible for all visual signals from the Committee Vessel including flags and course boards
- Recorder – maintains a record of all actions taken by the race management team and is responsible for recording all the numbers of all boats that start in the race and their finishing sequence and times, and
- ​Mark Layer – must hold a Boat Driver’s Licence and be physically capable of laying and retrieving marks as requested by the RO.

Generally we have two types of volunteers: On-Water (Saturdays and Regattas) and On-Shore (Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays).

If you are interested in learning how our yacht racing is conducted, are keen to learn the basics of the various role requirements and willing to volunteer a few times each season (usually fortnightly or monthly), while performing a valued service to RSYS, we want to hear from you.

Additional training and information sessions are provided throughout the season, as well as ongoing support from team members.

Opportunities also exist for race officials willing to take it to the next level. The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, in conjunction with Australian Sailing and World Sailing, is eager to encourage race officials down the race management pathway that can include State, National, World and even Olympic events.

Unless you are actually sailing in these events, you cannot get any closer to the action.   

Please contact Rob Ridley, RSYS On-Water Coordinator at or call 0418 645 032

The Race Volunteers annual luncheon, held 23 July

Article by Susan Wade
Lunch photo by Rene Chapman

470 Worlds Success

The 2017 470 World Championship was hosted by the Nautical Club of Thessaloniki, Greece. With 132 teams entered from 32 nations and six different continents, it was far from a small World Championship. Of these, 72 teams were in the Men’s division and 60 in the Women’s. Two RSYS Members competied: Will Ryan who sailed with Matthew Belcher, and Katherine Shannon who sailed with Dana Tavener.

The Championship consisted of a five race qualification series followed by a six race finals series and finally the medal races. Massive congratulations to Will Ryan and Matthew Belcher who won the Men’s division, the 2017 Championship win being Belcher's seventh World Championship victory and Ryan’s fourth.

Katherine Shannon, a relatively new member of the Australian Sailing team, has been training hard for less than a year with Dana out of MHYC in the 470 class. They managed to finish 50th with their strongest performances at the end of the regatta grabbing a 10th and 14th in the Silver group. Katherine Shannon said: “As we are a new and young team we didn’t come for results - we came for the experience. We have learnt so much and every day we sailed we improved.” 

Watch the video here

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Plenty wins Farr 40 Worlds

The 20th edition of the Rolex Farr 40 World Championships in Porto Cervo concluded on 16 July after officially commencing on 13 July. The Worlds were hosted by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda with the support of the title sponsor Rolex and the Farr 40 Class Association. Eights boats from various nations competed, including the Australian Corinthian team ‘Zen’ from Middle Harbour Yacht Club, helmed by RSYS Members Gordon Ketelby and with tactician, David Chapman.

The first day of racing was scheduled for 13 July but was unfortunately postponed due to strong winds, with gusts reaching over 30 knots. The weather was similar on the second day of racing, yet by the late afternoon it had calmed down enough for the race committee to get one race in to kick off the series. Nevertheless wind strengths were still being recorded in the 22-31 knot range during the race. Race one of the series was certainly exciting, with boats planing downwind at speeds just under 20 knots. ‘Plenty’ came out on top with the win for the day.

The third day of the regatta saw much quieter conditions, with 6-12 knots in wind strength throughout the day. The weather conditions allowed the race committee to get four races in, helping them catch up on the races missed from the first two days. ‘Plenty’, ‘Zen’ and ‘Flash Gordon’ all won a race on the day, yet the consistency of ‘Plenty’ was unbeaten, as they claimed: 2, 1, 2, 1 as their scorecard for the day, strengthening their lead going into the final day.

Gordon Ketelbey owner/helmsman aboard Zen commented: "It was superb to win a race today and we're really excited about that. Unfortunately, we got a penalty and had to some turns in the race after that and ended up at the back, but in the end it's OK. It was a good day of racing, wonderful, wonderful conditions, nice flat water and consistent 12 knots wind. I have been to Porto Cervo twice before cruising and I'm really enjoying racing here for the first time. It's a wonderful place to race for the conditions, wind offshore, flat seas... Unless you get the Mistral and you just have to live with that. As the top placed Corinthian team we have to make sure we keep our lead. So everyone to bed early tonight and no drinking!" he added.

The final day of the World Championship was suspenseful and exciting. Strong displays by ‘Enfant Terrible’ and ‘Flash Gordon’ in the first three races of the final day essentially evaporated ‘Plenty’s lead. But the experience and class of ‘Plenty’ prevailed in the end and they were able to defend their title to win the 2017 Farr 40 World Championship. ‘Pazza Idea’ also sailed well to edge ‘Zen’ out of the top Corinthian place in the final race of the day. Congratulations to ‘Plenty’ and ‘Pazza Idea’ for their respective division wins.



  1. Plenty – Alex Roepers – New York Yacht Club – 24 pts
  2. Enfant Terrible – Alberto Rossi – Circolo Canottieri Aniene – 27 pts
  3. Flash Gordon – Helmut and Evan Jahn – Chicago Yacht Club – 30 pts
  4. Pazza Idea – Pierluigi Bresciani – Yacht Club Hanniball – 42 pts
  5. Zen – Gordon Ketelbey – Middle Harbour Yacht Club – 48 pts
  6. Asterisk – Hasip Gencer – Yacht Club Team Ozonur – 49 pts
  7. Struntje Light – Wolfgang Shaefer – KYC- NRV – 51 pts
  8. MP 30 + 10 – Luca Pierdomencio – C.V. Portocivitanova – 54 pts


More information: click here


By Angus Olding
Photo by Rolex / Kurt Arrigo

Combined Winter Series Race 10

Saturday 15 July was race ten of the Combined Winter Series and the beginning of the 'business end' of the series. 45 boats gathered on Sydney Harbour for the day's racing and the sun shone for most of the day creating a rather pleasant winter atmosphere to sail in. The wind direction changed throughout the day going from the West to the South and then the South-East, its strength hovering between 5-12 knots. To check out the current point-score results for each division, use the link at the bottom of this article.


Podium Results (PHS):

Super 30  

  1. Mr Mojo – George Kompolthy - RANSA
  2. Optimum – Stuart Jordan - RSYS
  3. Sigurd – Ian Dencker - RANSA


  1. Fagel Grip – Jerry Lees - SASC
  2. Makama – Chris Gosselin – RPEYC

Division 1

  1. Erica – Peter Williams - RSYS
  2. Peregrine – J&M Stephen & Hugh Torode - RSYS
  3. Into the Mystic – Arthur Psaltis / Jon Ross - RSYS

Division 2  

  1. Komatsu Azzuro – Shane Kearns - RANSA
  2. Alouette – John Waring - RSYS
  3. Campeador – Jonathan Threlfall - RSYS

Division 3

  1. Loose Change – Michael Bleakley - BSC
  2. Black Diamond Bay – Kerry Lehman - RANSA
  3. Esquisse 2 – Richard Staines - RANSA

Non-Spinnaker Division

  1. Hyperion II – Ian & Anna Shepherd - RANSA
  2. Double Dutch – Phil Tanner - SASC
  3. Much Ado – Richard Wither - RSYS


View full results here 


By Angus Olding

DF65s growing in popularity

A perfect, cool 6-10kt NW breeze, warming sunshine and a sparkling harbour greeted 14 skippers in round 2 of the DF65 Radio Sailing Winter Series on 9 July.

Five heats were raced inside the Pond with very close racing, exciting windward legs in the large fleet and downwind nosedives in the stronger gusts. Thanks to Eddie Moult  for his Race Officer duties and juggling the start line in the shifting breeze. Congratulations to Bruce McArthur with four bullets, but he had six others tightly packed up behind him. Commodore Chapman only just beat Rene overall and a few more races could see Richard's talents tested!

The Practice Days and Assembly-Tuning workshops are clearly paying off, with all skippers getting used to the nuances of skippering a boat from a distance. Judging port and starboard, mark rounding and winds shifts are still a challenge that all are starting to master.

The one design and low cost make this a fun boat to race and it's great to see four to five young skippers in the fleet having fun with their Dads.

The next Practice Day is Sunday 23 July, followed by round 3 of the Winter Regatta on 6 August.

Check out the RSYS Radio Sailing website page for details and how easy it is to join in the fun and friendly rivalry with your family, crew or friends. Contact Locky Pryor in the Sailing Office for all the help you need.

by Phil Burgess

2018 Tahiti Yacht Rally presentation

RSYS and Mariner Boating Holidays have partnered once again to offer Members a new international sailing holiday.

The Tahiti Yacht Rally will take place from 15-29 September 2018 around Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea and Tahaa. Trevor Joyce will reveal all at a presentation on Thursday 10 August in the Careening Cove.


Please join us for complimentary drinks and nibbles from 6.30pm. There is no cost to attend, but please RSVP for catering purposes.


Event details
Date: Thursday 10 August
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: CCA 
No cost, but please RSVP by 8 August.



The Black & White Ball

The Commodore warmly invites all Members to a spectacular Masked Ball with a Black & White theme!

The Aston Martinis will play all your favourite dance tunes from the 1960s onwards and roving illusionists will entertain each table with magic displays.

This will be an exceptional night of glamour, fine dining and dancing. Members are encouraged to bring guests. 

Event details:
Date: Saturday 26 August
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Carabella Room
Cost: $135, includes canapes, 3 courses and Squadron wines



Combined Winter Series Race 9

Saturday 8 July was another successful day of racing on Sydney Harbour for RSYS with race 9 of the Combined Winter Series was completed. There were 49 boats competing on the day with large turnouts in the non-spinnaker division as well as Division 2.

Start of the Non-spinnaker division, by Alice Zehnder


The weather was quite pleasant, being sunny and reaching just shy of 20c. The wind was also in good form, shifting between NW and W in direction and building to around 15 knots in strength in the late afternoon. The conditions allowed for great, fun competition between boats, especially in the afternoon. With three more races in the Squadron's series, it’s only going to get better from here!

Erica, left, at the start of Division 1, by John Jeremy

Podium Results (PHS): 

Super 30  

  1. Sigurd – Ian Dencker - RANSA
  2. Monkey Business – Jon Rowe - RANSA
  3. Matagi – Simon Oliver - BSC

Division 1 

  1. Great Xpectations – Rod Wills - CYCA
  2. Game Set – Craig Roberts - RANSA
  3. Euphoria – Anthony Coleman - RSYS

Division 2  

  1. Solange – W Hutchinson / T Carroll / A King (pictured top, John Jeremy)
  2. Campeador – Jonathan Threlfall - RSYS
  3. Silky – Tony Hirst - RANSA

Division 3

  1. Black Diamond Bay – Kerry Lehman - RANSA
  2. Beowulf – Stafford Watts - RSYS
  3. Jazzfolk – John Stevenson - RANSA

Non-Spinnaker Division

  1. Grendel – Tom Cehak - RSYS
  2. Intrigue – Gavin Moss - RSYS
  3. Genovefa – Genevieve Slattery - RSYS


  1. Eloise – Adrian Broadbent - RPEYC
  2. Fagel Grip – Jerry Lees - SASC


View full results here 


By Angus Olding

Youth Squad do well in Darwin

Two RSYS Youth Development Sqaud teams travelled to Darwin for the inaugural 'Australian Maid' International Youth Match Racing Regatta. Darwin Sailing Club hosted their first international youth match racing regatta, using the club's four new Elliott 7s from 4-8 July. The regatta was sailed in the beautiful blue waters of Fannie Bay just off the beach from the club. The weather was also nothing short of perfect - temperatures never fell below 22c at night and hovered around 30c during the day, complemented by blue skies and a 10-15 knot sea breeze most afternoons.

The Australian Maid perpetual trophy is named after Dr Jon Wardill’s boat which for 26 years has provided unparalleled opportunities for Northern Territory Youth sailors to compete in international keelboat competitions in Australia, Asia, Europe, UK and North America.

The regatta saw six teams compete, representing RPAYC, CYCA, DSC and RSYS and comprising competitors with world sailing rankings in the low 100s through to skippers who hadn’t previously competed in match racing regattas. The RSYS team skippers were Mitch Evans and Fergus Abbott, and their respective crews consisted of Angus Olding, Zac Quinlan, Henry Rochford and Charlotte Alexander Ben Fraser, Eddie Moult.

The regatta was quite even and created very close and competitive racing. At the conclusion of the round robins, both RSYS teams were tied 4th, but sadly for Fergus and his team, they did not go through to the semis due to count-back. Mitch’s team went on to race Tom Grimes (CYCA) but unfortunately lost 2-1 in the semis. Fergus’ team won their sail-off 2-0 against Jed Cruickshank (DSC) to claim 5th place and Mitch’s team managed to finish 3rd place winning 2-0 in the petit final against John Lynch (DSC). Tom Grimes (CYCA) raced James Farquharson (RPAYC) in the final and won convincingly 3-0, congratulations!

The regatta was not only a great experience for the RSYS teams to build on their skills but it also had a great social side where many new friendships were made. All competitors had an amazing time and they can’t wait to go back next year! The regatta was even attended by the ABC and Channel 9 News and achieved air time on Wednesday night.

The RSYS teams would like to thank the DSC and all their staff, volunteers and members who made the regatta a great success, as well as the Wiltshire and Cruickshank families for billeting us. Other important thanks go to the RSYS for supporting us and allowing us to compete.

The Youth Development Program is continuing to train hard for their upcoming events including the NSW Youth Championships in August.

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By Angus Olding