157th Squadon Annual Prize Giving

The Carabella Room was packed to capacity on Friday 31 May with sailors awaiting the presentation of the Club's finest silverware to mark the end of the 2018-19 season. 

Commodore David Ward made the following awards:

YACHTSMAN OF THE YEAR                                
Idris Cup to Martin Hill (pictured above)                    
Awarded to a Squadron member for excellence in local, national and international sailing competition who has demonstrated the art of good seamanship and sportsmanlike conduct.    

YACHTSWOMAN OF THE YEAR                              
Joanne Trophy to Captain Karyn Gojnich                
Awarded to a Squadron member who sails regularly from the Squadron, is enthusiastic, deeply involved and an active participant in any aspect of sailing.       
FLAG OFFICERS' CREWPERSON OF THE YEAR                                 
Carabella Tray to David Chapman                   
This trophy recognizes a Squadron member who has demonstrated a high level of commitment to their sailing and contributed to the success of their skipper in th Club.                    

Brooke Wilson
Awarded to a member under the age of 25 who has a record of outstanding achievement at state, national 
or international competition. 

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD                                
Awarded to Gordon Ingate


Willyama, Richard Barron & Stephen Sanlorenzo, Milson Silver Jug        
Sydney, Charles Curran AC & David Kellett, 2nd Spring series, Varuna Trophy        
Euphoria, Tony Coleman, 3rd Spring series, Duke of Gloucester Cup, Norn Cup        
Ultreya, Rod Pearse, 3rd Main series, 3rd Summer series, 2nd Short Inshore series        
Peregrine, Michael & John Stephen Hugh Torode, 2nd Main series, 1st Spring series        
Utopia,    John Amos, 2nd Summer series, 1st Short Inshore series, Geoff Lee Trophy        
Impetuous Too, Graeme Lambert, 1st Main series, 1st Summer series, 3rd Short Inshore series, 1st RPEYC series, Boomerang Cup

DIVISION 2            
Can Can, Roman Tarnawsky, 3rd Spring series, 1st Short Inshore series            
Solange, Trevor Carroll, Andy King & Will Hutchinson, 3rd Short Inshore series, 1st RPEYC series, Carleton Cup    
Alouette, John Waring, 2nd Main series, 1st Summer series, Milson Silver Tray            
Zig Zag 2, Malcolm Shaw & Mike Seymour, 3rd Main series, Intercolonial Cup            
Arcturus 3, Peter Davenport, 2nd Spring series, 2nd Varuna Trophy race            
Senta, Julie & Terry Clarke, Richard Franklin, 2nd Summer series, 2nd Short Inshore series            
Ambitious, David Matthews, 1st Main series, 3rd Summer series, 1st Spring series, J A V Minnett Memorial Cup    
DIVISION 3            
Ascalon, Nick Howe, Henry Tilly & Laurence Milne, Tarring Cup                 
Intrigue, Gavin Moss, 3rd Spring series, Xarifa Teapot            
Casamajor, Charles Moore, 3rd Summer series            
Kirsten III, Ken Chase & John Bowman, 3rd Short Inshore series, 3rd Varuna Trophy race, The L F (Livvy) Mann Trophy            
Tingari, John Jeremy, 2nd Main series            
Windsong 2, John Vickery, 1st Spring series            
Zeus II, Jim Dunstan, 3rd Main series, 1st Summer series, 2nd Short Inshore series            
Mingara III, Philip Crane, 1st Main series, 2nd Summer series, 2nd Spring series, 1st Short Inshore series, 1st RPEYC series, The Flag Officer Race Trophy    

Havoc, Richard Allanson & Iain Murray AM, Eaton Cup            
Yandoo XX, Neville Wittey, Nick Rozenauers, Zac Quinlan & Charlotte Griffin, 2nd Milson Silver Goblets                
Iron Lotus, Rupert Henry, David Edwards, Ivan Wheen & Greg O'Shea, 1st Milson Silver Goblets     
Touch Pause Engage, Michael Stovin-Bradford, Andrew Gordon & Steve Ingate, 3rd Summer series                
Vincero, Nick Kingsmill, Peter Gardner & Rob Woodman, 1st Summer series                
Plan A,    Andrew Patterson, Gary Dent & Alexiane Henry, 3rd Main series, 2nd Spring series                
Shindig    Rob Weir, Mike Tyquin & Paul Thackray, 3rd Mini Regatta series            
Thelastone, Steve Billingham, Adrian Dolin & Will Lewis, 3rd Club Championship series            
Northern Havoc,    Mike Morris, Doug Russell & Matthew Seidls, 2nd Main series, 1st Main PHS series, 3rd Spring series, 2nd Summer series, Phil Pearce Memorial Trophy    
Top 40, Geoff Bonouvrie, Ian McKillop & Peter Merrington, 2nd Mini Regatta series, 1st Club Championship series, 3rd Milson Silver Goblets, John "Choco" Winning Memorial Plate    
La Vie Dansante, Michael & Peter Nash, Mel Nathan, Thomas Moin, 1st Main series, 1st Spring series, 1st RPEYC series, Jim Annand Trophy, Xarifa Chalice    
Umami, Christian Brook, Ant Elliott & Adam Roberts-Thomson, 1st Mini Regatta series, 1st Mini Regatta series PHS, 2nd Club Championship series, The Ted Albert Memorial Trophy, Etchells Mini Regatta Trophy     

Liquidity, Richard Franklin, 3rd NSW Championship                
Ascalon, David Dunn, Andrew & Nick Howe, 2nd NSW Championship            
Whimsical, Gordon Ingate, 1st NSW Championship, Jock Carr Memorial Cup    

Lou, Maria & Michael Nash, Olga Skatkova, 1st Australian Championship PHS                
Karma, Gary Wogas, Cameron Sloey, Olga Skatkova & Ewa Lindelof, 3rd Australian Championship, 3rd NSW Championship            
Troika, Adam Tran, Fergus Ly & Jonathan Doig, 2nd Main series, 2nd Summer series, 3rd Spring series, 1st NSW Championship PHS    
Blackadder, Gary Pearce, Ellis Todres & Ellen Vagner, 1st Main series, 1st Scratch series, 3rd Mini Regatta series, 1st Summer series, 2nd Spring series, 1st RPEYC series, Royal Temple Yacht Club Trophy, The 200 Trophy    
Yertle, Jan Newland, Warrick Back, Lovelle D'Souza & Andrew Hunt, 3rd Main series, 3rd Summer series, 1st Spring series            
Evie, Karyn Gojnich, Sara Ladd & Ruth McCance, 2nd Mini Regatta series, 1st NSW Championship, 1st Australian Championship, Jan H Linge Trophy, Sirocco Trophy, The Malcolm Barlow Trophy    
Miss Pibb, Hamish Jarrett, Max Hayman & Chris Pearson, 1st Mini Regatta series, 1st Mini Regatta series PHS, 2nd Australian Championship, 2nd NSW Championship, 1st King Haakons Cup, 1st RPEYC Mini Regatta series, Rupert McCurrich Fire Truck Trophy    

James, Tim Ryan, 1st Mini Regatta series, 1st RPEYC series    
Juno, Reg Lord, 1st J70 Australian Championship               

Gail Force, Graeme Smith, 1st place    
Solacious, Amy Gojnich, 2nd place    
Petty Cash, Geoff Barnum, 3rd place    
DF65 RADIO SAILING            
Phil Burgess, 1st place Club Championship    
John Vickery, 2nd place Club Championship    
Richard Franklin, 3rd place Club Championship

Khaleesi, Andrew & Pauline Dally, 3rd Perseverance Trophy Series    
Nine Dragons, Bob Cox, 1st Gascoigne Cup IRC, 1st Milson Memorial Cup IRC    
Smuggler, Sebastian Bohm, 1st Morna Cup IRC     
Supernova, Matthew Hanning, 1st Morna Cup Division 2, G Carter Trophy    
Kayimai, Rob Aldis, 1st Milson Memorial Cup    
Amante, Dennis Cooper, 1st Milson Memorial Cup Div 2, RTYC Eddystone Lighthouse Trophy    
Morag Bheag, John Maclurcan, 1st Gascoigne Cup Division 2, Thelma Plate, 1st Perseverance Trophy Series    
Stormaway, Jack Stening & Colin Gunn, 1st Gascoigne Cup IRC Division 2, 1st Morna Cup IRC Division 2, 1st Milson Memorial Cup IRC Div 2    
Erica, Peter Williams, 1st Gascoigne Cup, 1st Morna Cup, 2nd Perseverance Trophy Series

These awards were presented on the last day of racing.

Genevieve Slattery, Genovefa, Inspiration Award

Ladies Division            
Kookaburra, Jill Hammond, 1st Main Series, Jan Rowed Memorial Trophy, 1st Trophy Series, The Gypsy Moth Trophy            
Gaia, Kristina Brenke, 2nd Main Series    
Coco, Jenny Farrell, 3rd Main Series    
Open Division
Mercier, James Merrington, 1st Main Series    

Tuesday Yngling & Elliott Ladies Division        
Mojo, Megan Howard & Kirstin Reblin, 1st Main Series, The Lady Helm Trophy, 1st Trophy Series    
Megan Howard & Amanda Hicks, The Bluebird Trophy                
Elliott 1, Sophie Hunt, 2nd Main Series    
Elliott 3, Kim Ketelby, 3rd Main Series    


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