2017 Trans-Tasman Challenge

It was that time of year again: two of Australasia’s leading Royal Yacht Squadrons battled it out for Trans-Tasman Challenge glory and bragging rights.

Since its inception in 1974, the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron (RSYS) and the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (RNZYS) have competed in this special ‘Mate vs Mate’ regatta which has become an important tradition for both clubs. Each year alternating in location and typically represented by Flag officers from each club.

Having been hosted and won by RSYS in 2016, RNZYS were certainly keen to use their home advantage to reclaim the win for 2017 at their home club in Auckland. The two day regatta was held on 29 and 30 April and consisted of six races being completed on the Squadron's fleet of Elliott 7s. Unfortunately, the RSYS could not retain the win this year. Yet it is always an amazing experience and great to spend time with our good friends across the Tasman. Congratulations to RNZYS for winning. 



  1. Aaron Young – RNZYS – 13 pts
  2. Ian Cook – RNZYS – 18 pts
  3. Steve Mair – RNZYS – 19 pts
  4. Andrew Aitken – RNZYS – 24 pts
  5. Richard Chapman – RSYS – 29 pts
  6. Geoff Davidson – RSYS – 33 pts
  7. David Wood – RSYS – 34 pts
  8. Richard Hammond – RSYS – 46 pts


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By Angus Olding