Hobart Wooden Boat Festival

A great number of Squadron Members attended the Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart from 9-11 February. Club entries included Commodore Richard Chapman's family motor cruiser 'Nand V', Alan Reece's yacht 'Vittoria', and Sean Langman's 100 year old trading vessel 'Olive May'. Rob Hardy, a long term Senior Member, and his son trailed their 20ft half cabin launch 'Toby 2' all the way from Lake Macquarie to the festival to be on the same pontoon as the gathering of Dutch vessels, which were the main attraction at this year's festival. 

Richard and Alan had delivered their boats to Hobart during December and January with the help of other Squadron Members, and enjoyed many hours of cruising on the Derwent and surrounding waterways. 'Vittoria' is on the way back to Sydney and 'Nand V' is expected to leave Hobart on Sunday this week. Those of us who attended were amazed by the quality of the exhibits and the hospitality of the Tasmanians.

According to this year's festival programme, the previous event in 2015 saw 22,000 people attend, with an estimated expenditure to the Hobart economy of $30m and possibly $60m to the overall Tasmanian coffers! If you have not attended one of these festivals, I would strongly suggest you add it to you personal bucket list.


By Richard Lawson
Sean's fully restored trader 'Olive May', view over Hobart, Alan Reece on 'Vittoria', an old stream launch, a beautiful 100yr old motor launch in superb condition.