Miss Pibb wins Yngling Nationals

The 2019 International Yngling Class Australian Championship was held over the three consecutive days from Friday 29 November at the Squadron.

The regatta attracted eight teams, including three who were participating in the Nationals for the first time.

This year the Yngling Class experimented with a new race schedule which involved two races on Friday afternoon, four races on Saturday and three races on Sunday. This enabled skippers and crew to attend work or study in the morning and resulted in greater participation in the regatta. The Yngling Class will review the effectiveness of this format for future National Championships. 

Friday afternoon (Races 1 and 2) saw ideal sailing conditions in a consistent 15 knot nor'easterly breeze. The first race will be remembered for its dramatic start: two boats were marked as 'OCS' and disqualified. This race was won by YAUS60 Miss Pibb, sailed by Hamish Jarrett, Max Hayman and Chris Pearson. Second place went to YAUS45 Karma, sailed by Gary Wogas, Cameron Sloey and Sarah Bartels, and third place went to YAUS19 Schadenfreude, sailed by a new team comprising Matthew Buckle, Sean O'Malley and Trent Lay. Miss Pibb came from behind to win this race on the last leg, despite having crossed the start line early and being forced to sail back around. Race 2 witnessed a less dramatic start, nevertheless will be remembered for the tight struggle between Schadenfreude  and YAUS27 Troika for third place - a mere 14 seconds separated the two boats. This race was again won by Miss Pibb, followed by Karma and Troika, sailed by Adam Tran, Fergus Ly and Michael Tang.

Saturday (Races 3 to 6) will be remembered for its extremely varied sailing conditions. The first race started in winds averaging 22 knots and later saw gusts of 32 knots, whereas the third race experienced average winds as low as five knots. Karma enjoyed its only win for the regatta in Race 3, beating Miss Pibb by 32 seconds, after Miss Pibb crossed the start line early and had to go back. Third place went to AUS4Wyandot, sailed by Bryan Riddell, Dimiter Nedialkov and Helen Impey. Race 4 foreshadowed the final regatta scratch results, with Miss Pibb regaining its edge over Karma, and third place going to YAUS56 Blackadder sailed by Gary Pearce, Ellis Todres and Rikke Kronborg. Just seven seconds separated the first and second place boats! These placings were maintained for Race 5. However Race 6 saw a surprise result: fleet newcomer Matthew Buckle, steered the newly refurbished Schadenfreude, pictured below, to second place, ahead of Karma and Blackadder. A decision by Miss Pibb to go left during the second upwind leg saw her opening up a substantial lead over the rest of the fleet, who went to the right.

On Sunday (Races 7 to 9) the conditions eased. A consistent 10-15 knot nor'easter and idyllic, sunny conditions made for an excellent day of racing ahead of looming stronger winds predicted later in the afternoon. During Race 7, Miss Pibb opened up a significant early lead over the rest of the fleet, after starting on the pin-end and sailing to the left, whilst the rest of the fleet sailed to the right. Race 9 was an extremely close race, with just seven seconds separating the top three boats. The results at the top of the fleet were consistent for all three races, with Miss Pibb, Karma, Blackadder and Schadenfreude respectively placing first, second, third and fourth in each race. The bottom of the fleet saw close racing between the relative newcomers on Troika, YAUS47 Mojo sailed by Kirstin Reblin, Julia Owens and Theresa Sarjeant, and YAUS58 Holly sailed by Lauren Wall, Elyse Guevara and Sumana Sukumar. Lauren Wall made her debut on the Yngling racing scene, helming the last day on Holly.

Crew of Miss Pibb: From L to R Max Hayman and Hamish Jarrett with AIYA President Adam Tran
The 2019 International Yngling Class Australian Championship was won by Hamish Jarrett, Max Hayman and Chris Pearson on Miss Pibb.
Second place went to Gary Wogas, Cameron Sloey and Sarah Bartels on Karma.
Third place went to Gary Pearce, Ellis Todres and various crew members on Blackadder.

On scratch results, only one point separated third and fourth placed boats (Blackadder and Schadenfreude) and fifth and six place boats (Wyandot and Troika.)

L to R: Adam Tran with crew of Mojo, Kirstin Reblin, Julia Owens and Therese Sarjeant

The Sirroco Trophy, awarded to the best all-female team, was awarded to Kirstin Reblin, Therese Sarjeant and Julia Owens on Mojo.

Full Scratch results:

1 - Miss Pibb (YAUS60)
2 - Karma (YAUS45)
3 - Black Adder (YAUS56)
4 - Schadenfreude (YAUS19)
5 - Wyandot (YAUS4)
6 - Troika (YAUS27)
7 - Mojo (YAUS47)
8 - Holly (YAUS58)


Article by Elyse Guevara, Adam Tran and Hamish Jarrett.

Many thanks to Karin Steyn and Dimiter Nedialkov for the great photos.