Barranjoey Pin

Barranjoey Pin Recipients
by Gordon Lavery


We are undertaking a series of profiles in the Logbook on Squadron Members who have been awarded a Barranjoey Pin by Australian Sailing for their achievements at Olympic or World Championship Level.

Described as the ’Baggy Green’ of sailing, the Barranjoey Pin raises the profile of some of Australia’s greatest sailors and gives them the recognition they may not have received in the past, while providing inspiration to today’s sailors. 

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Gordon Ingate OAM
no 49
Olympic team selection, Tempest class, Munich, 1972 
Geoff Davidson
no 69

Olympic team selection, Finn class, Moscow 1980
Neville Wittey
no 147

Olympic team selection, Sydney 2000, World Championships
David Forbes OAM no 35
Olympic team selection, Star Class, Mexico 1968, Munich 1972.
Soling Class, Montreal 1976. World Champion 5.5 Class 1970
Ian MacDiarmid
no 77

Soling and J24 World Champion 1982