Barranjoey Pin

Barranjoey Pin Recipients                  
by Gordon Lavery


.We are undertaking a series of profiles in the Logbook on Squadron Members who have been awarded a Barranjoey Pin by Australian Sailing for their achievements at Olympic or World Championship Level.

Described as the 'Baggy Green’ of sailing, the Barranjoey Pin acknowledges the legacy and history of Olympic and Paralympic class sailing in Australia, and recognises those athletes who have achieved the Australian Sailing Team standard since the Team's establishment in 2006. Many RSYS Members are represented in this elite Australian Sailing Alumni.  

Every athlete who has represented Australia at either an Olympic Class World Sailing Championship, IYRU Women’s World Championship, Olympic Games or Paralympic Games prior to 2006 and achieved a Top 10 performance, as well as those athletes who qualified for the Australian Sailing Team after 2006, will receive a uniquely numbered Pin to commemorate their achievement. The Barranjoey Pin is an embodiment of the great traditions and values of those who have competed and continue to compete at the highest level for Australia in sailing.

Thanks to Gordon Lavery who has interviewed and written the reports below on RSYS Members who have been awarded the Barranjoey Pin. Please note articles are copyright of Gordon Lavery.


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Gordon Ingate OAM
no 49
Olympic Team selection, Tempest class, Munich, 1972 
Geoff Davidson
no 69

Olympic Team selection, Finn class, Moscow 1980
Neville Wittey
no 147

Olympic Team selection, Sydney 2000, World Championships
David Forbes OAM no 35
Olympic Team selection, Star Class, Mexico 1968, Munich 1972.
Soling Class, Montreal 1976. World Champion 5.5 Class 1970
Ian MacDiarmid
no 77

Soling and J24 World Champion 1982
Sir James Hardy OBE no 36 .
Olympic Team selection, 5.5m class, Tokyo 1964, Mexico 1968
Mark Bethwaite no 52
Olympic Games Munich 1972, Montreal 1976, Olympic Team selection, Moscow 1980