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Information and Useful Links for Cruising Division Members


Cruising Marinas 

An article by Sarah Goddard-Jones describing the marinas and their facilities between Newcastle and Hamilton Island.
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Cruising Guides

An article by Sarah Goddard-Jones listing cruising guides and references to assist those cruising north.
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Broken Bay Moorings

The club has moorings available for members' use in Broken Bay area. Please see the chart below;

To distinguish Squadron moorings, please see the photo below;

Guide to the practical use of Radios
>> view Pete Lowndes presentation here


Whitsundays: marina special offer

Are you considering a passage north and looking for marina options?
Here's a special offer from the Abell Point Marina in the Whitsundays.
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'Under the Arms of the Sky: A Sailing Adventure' 

This is the journey that saw Kate and Hugh Macready step outside their comfort zone in every respect. Ditching jobs, saying goodbye to family in Sydney, and reducing their worldly belongings to what fit on a 13m sailing boat. It was a huge leap of faith for a new couple in their 30s. Throwing off the dock-lines to sail to...well, they really didn't know where at the time.

While they enjoyed hundreds of beautiful sunsets, making new friends and rare encounters with the wild in nine countries, it wasn't all smooth sailing. Dodging pirated waters and fierce storms, spending weeks at a time crossing lonely oceans. Let's just say, it challenged them.

So, what does two years at sea do to a relationship? read their book here

Wine-Dark Sea Circumnavigation of Australia
Follow Peter Lowndes and Sarah Goddard-Jones' log here
Or their facebook page here

Technical Advice
From Neil Driscoll at Above and Beyond Boating
Helpful videos, diagrams and templates on the website here

Drina's Antarctica Adventure
Follow Michael Thurston’s circumnavigation of Antarctica aboard Drina. 
View the itinerary
View the voyage map