Galley Gourmet Challenge

Galley Gourmet Challenge - Winning Recipes 

Each year the RSYS Annual Cruise sets off for a week long excursion which combines amicable racing and even more amicable socialising. A highlight of the social programme is the Galley Gourmet Challenge in which crews create and present their finest onboard cuisine for the approval of our judges. 

Categories include: Canapés (usually served on the beach and enjoyed by all cruise participants); Entrée; Main Course; Dessert and Junior Chef. 

The variety and quality of the dishes presented is always astounding, and just goes to show what can be achieved in a tight galley with a two burner stove and a tiny ice box. The Cruising Division feels that the recipes served over the years is a wonderful treasure trove that should be shared with all RSYS cruising enthusiasts - after all, the last thing a skipper wants to deal with is a hungry, mutinous crew!

We are therefore pleased to present: The GGC Winning Recipes, lovingly compiled by Trish Stanley of Willyama. 



RSYS Galley Gourmet Challenge Winning Recipies

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Canapés/Finger Food from the beach at Refuge Bay

Bloody Mary Oyster Shots 2017 Runner-up : Erica
Crab in Witlof with Salmon Pearls, Pomegranate 2017 Winner: Hell Razer
Haloumi wrapped in Proscuitto 2016 Runner-up : Crackerjack
Smoked Salmon Roulades   2015 Runner-up : Hell Razer
Smoked Trout Mousse on Homemade Blinis 2016 Winner : Tula
Thai Fish 2015 Winner : Crackerjack


Artichoke Heart & Pesto Tart 2018 Winner: Tula
Smoked Trout salad with Salsa Verde 2018 Runner-up : The Count
Tagliatelle With Crabmeat & King Prawn 2017 Winner: Tonic
Scallops on Half Shell In Prosecco & Cream 2017 Runner-up : Kirribilli
Balmain Bug with Pea Puree & Chilli 2016 Winner : Tonic
Ceviche 2016 Runner-up : Mystere
Sushi Rolls with Salmon Skin   2015 Winner: Tula
Roasted Vege and Goat’s Cheese Filo Parcel  2015 Runner-up: Crackerjack
Vodka Cured Salmon 2014 Winner : Sorcerer
Flambé Sausages     2014 Runner-up : Mystere​
Pittwater Mussels 2013 Winner : Zephyr
Banana Prawns   2013 Runner-up : Magnificat
Avocados with Ginger Sauce 2012 Winner : Willyama
Steamed Prawns   2012 Runner-up : Crackerjack
Quail in Proscuitto 2011 Winner : Limelight
Mushroom Bay Mushrooms  2011 Runner-up : Crackerjack


Whole Jewfish Tarator 2018 Winner : Gunwana
Garlic Beef Filet with Red Wine Jus 2018 Runner-up : Willyama
Blue Eye Cod with Spiced Coconut Cream 2017 Winner : Kirribilli
Fillet of Beef with Horseradish Cream 2017 Runner-up : Erica
Paella 2016 Winner : Wine Dark Sea
Marinated Spatchcock 2016 Runner-up :Hot Chilli
Veal Saltimbocca alla Ribalta 2015 Winner : Limelight
Garlic Beef Filet with Avocado Sauce 2015 Runner-up : Willyama
Herb Crusted Flathead Fillets     2014 Winner : Sorcerer
Massaman Lamb Shanks 2014 Runner-up : Indefensible
Spicy Crusted Salmon      2013 Winner : Zephyr
Cruise Pasta with Porcini Sauce 2013 Runner-up : Crackerjack
Baked Fresh Tuna 2012 Winner : Limelight 
Tuna Steak with Herbs/Spices  2012 Runner-up  : Hot Chilli
Stuffed Aubergine  2011 Winner : Ticket of Leave
Marinated Butterflied Lamb Leg 2011 Runner-up : Crackerjack


Deconstructed Dark & Stormy Banoffee Pie 2018 Winner : Tula
Chocolate Ripple Log 2018 Runner-up  : Gunwana
Tulle Horns with Persian Sour Cherries Coulis 2017 Winner : Kirribilli
Tiramisu               2017 Runner-up : Wine Dark Sea
Deconstructed Banoffee Pie   2016 Winner : Crackerjack
Coffee Dates with vanilla bean yoghurt   2016 Runner-up  : Hot Chilli
Honey & Cinnamon Baked Pear with OP Rum 2015 Winner : Mystere
Ginger & Lime Tapioca with Chilli Mango 2015 Runner-up : Tula
Berries on the Bay 2014 Winner : Crackerjack
Chocolate Cherry and Hazelnut Cake  2014 Runner-up : Sorcerer
 E-fig-ma    2013 Winner : Crackerjack
 Tortas de Aceite Citron   2013 Runner-up : Zephyr
Bananas in Pyjamas 2012 Winner : Crackerjack
Cherry Pie 2012 Runner-up : Senta
Dragon Rice      2011 Winner : Hot Chili
Luscious Layers 2011 Runner-up : Crackerjack

Junior Chef

Leilas Beef & Mushroom Stew 2017 Winner : Huligan
Tick Tock Tea Cups   2016 Winner : Huligan
Almond Macaroons 2015 Winner : Crackerjack