Crew Contacts

17 June 2020


All skippers accessing boats from RSYS are asked to complete the following:

COVID-19 Skipper Training

10 June 2020

As per the NSW Government COVID-19 guidelines, RSYS is obliged to ensure that all skippers provide the Club with a crew contact list for all participants sailing in an RSYS event. The basic steps the skipper needs to complete are:

1.    Log into to your SailSys profile
2.    Via your SailSys dashboard (on the left click on account to get the drop down menu and then select crew)
3.    Select the race you wish to allocate crew
4.    Enter the basic contact details of the crew (name, email address and phone number). Whilst the form asks for the Australian Sailing number, this field is not mandatory.
5.    Once a crew member is created for your boat they can be easily selected from the pool of crew for subsequent races.

Select this link for full details on how to complete the crew list via SailSys. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to give the Sailing Office a call on 9017 0152.

All skippers are required to keep crew lists up to date. Any changes must be made prior to 1000 hours on each day that the boat intends to race. Boats not complying with this requirement shall be scored DNC.