Book Club - September

Starting on 22 September 2020 11:30:00
02 9017 0139

This month we will meet to discuss 'The Moon and Sixpence' by  Somerset Maugham. 
Do join us for lunch in the CCA afterwards - advance reservations essential. 

The Moon and Sixpence follows the life of one Charles Strickland, a bourgeois city gent whose dull exterior conceals the soul of a genius.
Compulsive and impassioned, he abandons his home, wife, and children to devote himself slavishly to painting. In a tiny studio in Paris, he fills canvas after canvas, refusing to sell or even exhibit his work. Beset by poverty, sickness, and his own intransigent, unscrupulous nature, he drifts to Tahiti, where, even after being blinded by leprosy, he produces some of his most extraordinary works of art.
Inspired by the life of Paul Gauguin, The Moon and Sixpence is an unforgettable study of a man possessed by the need to create--regardless of the cost to himself and to others.

Event details
Date: Tuesday 22 September
Time: 11.30am
Venue: Carabella Room  
Cost: $7 
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