Classic Car & Boat Show

Starting on 05 July 2020 11:00:00
The popular Classic Car and Boat Show returns to showcase beautiful vehicles and vessels from yesteryear. 

Now that the car and boat show is firmly in the Club calendar we would like to let you know what to expect on the first Sunday in July and, of course, leave you with time to put that extra coat of varnish or wax on your cherished boat or car. To add to the interest we are going to group the cars and boats in four groups according to their age:- Veterans built prior to 1930, the 30’s post vintage thoroughbreds, post war classics for cars and boats built between 1945 and 1970 and any other more modern cars or vessels of interest.

By grouping like this, you will hopefully see a Bentley speed six next to a type 35 Bugatti, a Fife 8 metre moored next to a Fife 6, Sydney’s unique Rangers and some glorious examples of Britain’s 50’s  & 60’s sports cars, Jags and Aston Martins, MGs and Healeys.

To add a bit more interest to the day, we will be putting on show some wonderful model yachts. So far we have models and plans of some of our 12m challengers, a fantastic model of a 26ft Ranger and numerous plank on frame model yachts.

With all of this we need your help, so if you have a car, boat or model you would like to show, please download and complete one or both of the Expression of Interest forms below and return to the Club office with one or more suitable photos. We look forward to a great weekend.


Car & Boat Show Blog by Robert Evans

What is a Classic Car?

What is a Classic Boat?


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