Radio Controlled Yachting

The club is adding Radio Controlled Yachting to its already extensive sailing program with the most in-demand bestselling RC yacht in the world, the Dragon Force 65. It's cheap to own a boat, fun to sail and competitive, what more could any 'armchair admiral' need!!!

Details about the up-coming regatta, the boats and how to get involved are below:

About the Boats

The DragonForce 65, or DF65 for short, is currently the best selling RC yacht in the world and the reasons are simple. It's affordable (only $200 to own your own ready to sail boat), the competition is close and the sailing can be enjoyed by serious and non-serious competitors alike. Sleek lines and competition-developed sails make the DragonForce 65 race, perform and compete against even those yachts that would be 10 times the price! 

The DragonForce 65 is a recognised competition RC yacht that is sailed in the restricted DF65 Class, which keeps cost down and the sailing fun. The boat is based on the ICE design with an ABS hull, profiled aluminium fin and molded plastic rudder. The rig is a full sized, low aspect rig with carbon spars and a ball raced gooseneck.

The DF65 is sailed at clubs all over North America, England and now in Australia. 

How Do I Get a Boat?

The DF65 in almost-ready-to-sail configuration is shipped with everything necessary to get started. Pre-installed Servos, pre-assembled booms, sails, fittings etc. All you need to do is assemble the spars, mast, hang the sails, install your radio system and go race!

Boats with basic controllers (known as a transmitter) are only $200 and are available from;

Spare parts availability:

Being the World's best selling RC yacht, most places are well stocked with all of the parts that you need to keep your afternoons and weekends going! In the unusual event that shops are out of stock on DF65 parts, be assured there won't be a very long delay - and they're so low in cost that many hobbyists now use them as replacement parts for other RC boat models . 

Where to buy extras:

Building and Tuning

There is lots of building and tuning information on YouTube and throughout the internet, just search 'DragonForce 65'. Alternatively contact Locky Pryor at the RSYS Sailing Office ( who is able to assist with the setup and tuning.

The Regatta

Wednesdays - 15 Mar, 29 Mar, 12 Apr & 26 Apr 2017 @ RSYS Pond Online Entry NOW OPEN

All the details;

  • Open to all Dragon Force 65 boats sailing under the Dragon Force Restricted Class Rules v1.5
  • 4 Wednesdays — 15 Mar, 29 Mar, 12 Apr & 26 Apr 2017 starting 1730hrs.
  • Up to 5 races per night with a further 5 practice races before the official start.
  • Weekly prizes and Overall Series for winners and place getters.
  • Beers and sausage sizzle available dock side.
  • Notice of Race and Entries in the Sailing tab of the RSYS website

Regatta Flyer available here and Online Entry Form here.

For more information please contact contact Locky Pryor at the RSYS Sailing Office (