Offshore Sailing

On 3 September RSYS yachts participated in the opening event of the Offshore Season which was the Sydney Amateurs’ Race to Lion Island and back.

With a wind forecast of 40 knots from the West, racing was sure to be very hands-on. Some yachts opted not to start and some retired, yet Anitra V (Philip Brown) revelled in the conditions and the famous Halvorsen canoe sterned 37 footer won the race by the enormous margin of 12 minutes and 31 seconds to Tula (Ivan Resnekov). John Maclurcan (of Morag Bheag, pictured) commented 'While the conditions were wild, the seas were flat, and back at the SAC Clubhouse, those who completed the race were exhilarated.’


Some Upcoming Offshore races

14 October - Newcastle Bass Island race – CYCA

22 October – SOPS #2 Gascoigne Cup – RSYS

  5 November – SOPS #3 Morna Cup – RSYS

18 November – Cabbage Tree Island Race – CYCA

  3 Deceember – SOPS #4 – CYCA


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Angus Olding

Saturday's results

Saturday's racing was yet another great day on the water. Typical Spring weather of warm, clear skies and light winds mainly from the North East. Racing consisted of the weekly Spring Series races along with a Mini A regatta for the Etchells and the Dragons.

There have now been four races in the Spring series, six in the Mini A and three in the Mini B, with plenty more to come!  

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Podium Results 

Spring – Race four – 24 September

Division 1

1.    Huntress – Philip Grove

2.    Saudade – Andrew Parkes  

3.    Duende – Damien Parkes 

Division 2

1.    Ambitious – David Matthews

2.    Monkey Business – Paul Glynn / Terry Brookes

3.    Campeador – Jonathon Threlfall 

Division 3

1.    Basilisk – Michael Dally

2.    Mingara III – Philip Crane

3.    Kirsten II – Ken Chase / John Bowman


1.    Debacle – Ellis Todres

2.    Miss Pibb – Hamish Jarret / Max Hayman

3.    Troika – Callum Thompson / Adam Tran


Mini A – 24 September


1.    Whimsical - Gordon Ingate – 7pts  (win on countback)

2.    Liquidity – Richard Franklin – 7pts

3.    French Connection – Anthony Armstrong – 7 pts   


1.    Carabella  – Matt McCann – 9 pts

2.    Synergy – Richard Chapman / Richard Lawson – 11 pts

3.    Umami – Christian Brook - 12 pts 


Angus Olding

Paspaley Tuesday Twilights

We are delighted to announce that Paspaley is returning to support the Ladies' series.

This season’s prizes include eight Paspaley Australian South Sea pearl 'Bella' pendants with a white gold chain.

Sound enticing? Come along to our Networking Night on Tuesday 4 October and find out how to get involved with our friendly Ladies' sailing community. Novices are very welcome - we'll introduce you to a skipper. Skippers - gather your crew together or find new crew.

Event Details
Date: Tuesday 4 October, 2016
Time: 6pm for 6.30pm start, followed by dinner in the CCA. 
Cost: There is no cost to attend but please RSVP to assist with the setting up.

RSVP online here

QLD Match Racing

The Queensland Match Racing Championship was held at Mooloolaba Yacht Club on 16 September.

The first day of competition brought a lot of new sailing conditions for the two Squadron teams as racing was held in a river - very different to Sydney Harbour. With confined sailing areas, strong tides and very shifty wind, teams successfully relied on getting a clear start and then covering their opponent, as the courses were short in distance, sometimes only taking 15 minutes.

Day one brought generally light winds and sunny conditions which allowed for the completion of round robin 1. Strong performances from the RSYS team of Claudia Thackray, Angus Olding and Fergus Abbott resulted in tied 3rd at the end of round robin 1, followed closely by the majority of the competition. James Hodgson and his crew from MYC and Tom Grimes and his crew from the CYCA had stand out performances in round robin 1, positioning themselves in 1st and 2nd place respectively.

Day two again brought tricky conditions with plenty of obstruction calls and battles against the tide. The RSYS team of Nick Rozenauers, Ben Fraser and Zac Quinlan redeemed themselves from a disappointing first day’s performance, climbing up to finish tied 5th with Claudia Thackray and Rhett Gowans from SYC in Victoria. Sailing in these different conditions is always difficult learning experience, but both Squadron teams learnt a lot and are ready for the next regatta to build on their consistently improving results.  

From l to r: Zac Quinlan, Nick Rozenauers, Claudia Thackray, Fergus Abbott, Angus Olding, Ben Fraser and Coach Klade Hausschildt.

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Angus Olding

Mini B is underway!

The first races of the Mini B regatta point score, Sportsboat and Yngling divisions, were completed last Saturday.

Solid fleets of both the Sportsboats and Ynglings, coupled with perfect sunny weather and light to medium NW and NNE winds resulted in an amazing day on the water for all participating.

Don't forget - the Club Elliott 7s are available for booking on these Mini B regatta days, and it's a perfect way to get on to the water for some fast-paced asymmetrical sailing. Racing in the Sportsboat division attracts a range of Sportsboats from a variety of clubs which never fails to bring a high standard of racing.

Podium Results

Spring – Race three – 17 September

Division 1

  1. Sydney – Charles Curran
  2. Limelight – Alan Husband
  3. Willyama – Barron / Stanley / Sanlorenzo

Division 2

  1. Solange - A King / T Carroll / W Hutchinson
  2. Arcturus 3 – Peter Davenport
  3. Ellipse II – Peter Davenport

Division 3

  1. Zeus II – Jim Dunstan
  2. Mingara III – Philip Crane
  3. Mystere – Malcolm Shaw


Mini B – 17 September (PHS after 3 races)


  1. Troppo- Andrew Pearce – 3 pts
  2. Emma Peel- James Dwyer – 6 pts
  3. Elliott 4 – Jervis Tilly – 11 pts


  1. Karma – Gary Wogas – 5 pts
  2. Miss Pibb – Hamish Jarrett/ Max Hayman – 9 pts
  3. Shinig Star – Elyse Guevara – 11 pts


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Angus Olding

Technology Talks

Stop asking your children and Get Smart with computer expert Bevan Ting.

We are pleased to offer you three talks in October to help you get better use from your devices and facilitate communication with the younger generation. 

Talk 1 Tuesday October 4       KNOW THINE APPS  
Talk 2 Tuesday October 18     GET MORE FROM YOUR iPHONE/iPAD

Click on each title to see what topics will be covered and to make an online booking.

Event details
Date: Three Tuesdays in October
Time: 11am-12.30pm
Venue: Kirribilli Room
Cost: $10 per session, includes coffee and course materials.
Members are welcome to bring guests.

Youth Match Racing

The Queensland Match Racing Championship will be held from 15–18 September, hosted by Mooloolaba Yacht Club. RSYS Coach Klade Hauschildt will accompany two Youth Keelboat Development Squad teams comprising: Ben Fraser, Zac Quinlan, Fergus Abbott, Claudia Thackray, Nick Rozenaures and Angus Olding. 

There will be three days of racing, with hopes of completing a double round robin, quarter-final, semi-final and the finals. The races will be conducted on the river on Elliott 6s, which whilst providing exciting close-up views to onshore spectators, will create tricky conditions for competitors due to the many obstacles. 

Best of luck to both teams and enjoy your time away!

Historical Trophies in contention this weekend

This Saturday our Members will compete for some of our Club’s historical trophies.

Duke of Gloucester Cup- Division 1

Presented by HRH Duke of Gloucester during his tenure as RSYS Commodore 1945-1947. On 16 July 1946 HRH offered the cup and on 6 August 1946 the RSYS committee suggested it be named the Duke of Gloucester Cup and become a Perpetual trophy, competed for annually by yachts on the Squadron Register. Winners are presented with miniature replicas or other suitable monuments. 

Carleton Cup- Division 2

Presented by T.H Kelly in 1900

Xarifa Teapot- Division 3

William Eric Hamilton Strain Trophy- Dragons

Awarded to the winner of the first point score race of the Squadron's summer series for International Dragon class yachts.

The trophy is a rolled silver tray, purchased by Mrs Strain in memory of Eric. Her wish was that the trophy be given to the Squadron and she supplied a few draft conditions of the trophy. Eric Strain died on 13 February 1975.

Rupert McCurrich Fire Truck Trophy- Yngling

Winner of the Mini B regatta on Saturday. 


These trophies will be presented at the Annual Squadron Prize Giving in June 2017.

Etchells World Championship

The 2016 Etchells Worlds were held in Cowes, England from 31 August to 10 September. The nine race series was raced over six days and commenced on 5 September after the initial days of measurement and registration. The fleet of 58 boats from 11 different countries included two Squadron boats:

  • 29th - Wobbegong2 (AUS1165) - Doug Flynn
  • 36th – AUS 1435 (AUS 868) – Jeannne-Claude Strong

Racing conditions featured both light and heavy winds along with the ever-present racing tide. It wasn’t until day four of racing when it became unexpectedly breezy. With gusts tipping the 30 knot mark, there was a bit of gear failure amongst teams along with intense downwind legs amongst the chop of the waves. Racing was highly competitive and close throughout the course of the regatta making every race count and consistency the key to success.

In the end, Australian John Bertrand, skipper of ‘Triad 2 – AUS 1383’ was victorious, becoming the 2016 Etchells World Champion. This is his second win at a World Championship in the Etchells class.

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SB20 World Championship

The World Championship of the SB20 class was conducted from 29 August to 4 September, offshore in Cascais, Portugal.

The SB20 is a six metre, one design asymmetric sportsboat which is usually sailed by a three person crew. The World Championship series comprised 13 races and featured a wide range of conditions including 20 knot runs, glassy calm mornings and everything in between. With 76 boats in the fleet, racing was never dull nor boring.

Squadron member David Chapman competed as crew on one of the Australian boats ‘Export Roo - AUS373’, which finished 5th overall; a very commendable result in such a large fleet.

The 2016 SB20 World Champions are the team from ‘New Territories – RUS3711’ which was helmed by Hugo Rocha.

Australia will host the 2018 SB20 Worlds in Hobart, Tasmania. We are in for a treat with some great racing down under in the future!

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Marinassess Womens Regatta Results

The first day of racing brought plenty of excitement for all competitors, with gusts reaching 25 knots plus on the harbour. A total of 40 matches throughout the day were completed, resulting in round robin one being completed and a portion of the second, a long day in difficult conditions on the water for the competitors.  Milly Benettt and her crew from RPAYC won all their races in the first round robin putting them in first place, closely followed by Caitlin Tames and her crew from the CYCA, who lost only one race. In tied third place are Lauren Gallaway (CYCA) and Kathleen Stroinovky (CYCA), followed closely by Celia Willison (RNZYS) 5th, Kristin Norris (CYCA) 6th, Claudia Thackray (RSYS) 7th and Elyse Guevara- Rattray (CYCA) 8th

Day two brought calmer, slower conditions, yet there was still enough wind to complete the second round robin. The conditions were suited to some of the tired bodies of the competitors, due to the long and tough first day.

Overall placings were determined from the two round robin results.

  1. Milly Bennett, Alice Tarnawaski, Seldon Coventry, Bryony Gregory, Steph Doyle (RPAYC)
  2. Caitlin Tames, Emma Harrison, Jess Russell, Tara Blanc-Ramos, Sophie Shannon (CYCA)
  3. Lauren Gallaway, India Howard, Jess Grimes, Nicky Bradley, Angelique Kear (CYCA)
  4. Kathleen Stroinovsky, Lucinda Whittey, Sam Boyd, Tiff Fude, Rosie Lee (CYCA)
  5. Celia Willison, Catriona Stanton, Anna Merchant, Sara Tucker, Carlotte Porter (RNZYS)
  6. Kirstin Norris, Louise Tillet, Nicola Kirk, Chrstine Linhart, Charlotte Holliday (CYCA)
  7. Claudia Thackray, Charlotte Alexander, Maddie O'Shea, Katherine Shannon, Sarah Dawes (RSYS)
  8. Elyse Guevara-Rattray, Maike Muth, Angelica Verness, Elizabeth Borberg (CYCA)

As always it was a successful regatta with some very solid racing and battles between teams, with a range of weather conditions all skills were tested throughout!