Saturday 19 November Results

Saturday's racing constituted race 11 for the 2016/17 Spring series and races 13-15 in the Mini B regatta for the Ynglings and Sports boats. The three mini B races for the Ynglings also contributed to their pointscore for the King Haakons Cup.

The conditions on the day was slightly overcast with highs of 22c and medium SE winds dropping throughout the day.


Podium Results- 19 November


Division 1

  1. Jackie Clare – Geoff Davidson
  2. I Super – Peter Campbell
  3. Ultreya – Rod Pearse

Division 2

  1. Campeador – Jonathan Threlfall
  2. Agent 88 – Stephen Ellis
  3. Ellipse II – Brian Bergin  

Division 3

  1. Come by Chance – John Nutt
  2. Windsong 2 – John Vickery
  3. Wallop – Bryan Collis / Stephen Wall


  1. Abracadabra – Nicholas Hogg / John Marty
  2. Liquidity – Richard Franklin  
  3. Whimsical – Gordon Ingate


  1. Saints III – Bruce Hilliard / M Rosandic
  2. Synergy – Richard Chapman / Richard Lawson
  3. QRS – Simon Bird / Alistair Stone


Mini B (Point score after 15 races)


  1. Karma – Gary Wogas – 23 pts
  2. Blackadder – Gary Pearce – 25 pts
  3. Evie – Karyn Gojnich – 29 pts

Yngling King Haakons Cup (Pointscore after 6 races )

  1. Perfecto – Ellis Todres – 16 pts
  2. Blackadder – Gary Pearce – 23 pts
  3. Evie – Karyn Gojnich – 24 pts

Sportboats (3 races on 19 Nov)

  1. James – Tim Ryan – 4 pts
  2. Java – Paul Wood – 7 pts
  3. Troppo – Andrew Pearce – 8 pts


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By Angus Olding

Friday Twilights 18 November



The fleet was met by soaring temperatures that stayed above 30c until past 6:30pm for the Audi Alto Artarmon Friday Night Twilight Series. There was a total of 67 boats racing on the night all hoping to escape the heat. Wind conditions were kind, blowing from the NE at approximately 10 knots.

The winner of the 'Audi for the weekend' prize was Jonathan Threlfall of Campeador. Congratulations!




Division 1

  1. Bliss – Matt Whitnall
  2. XLR8 – Ivan Wheen
  3. Kookaburra – Richard Hammond

Division 2

  1. Hans Off – Geoff & Hamish Jarrett  
  2. Koolaroo – David FitzSimons
  3. Campeador – Jonathan Threlfall

Division 3

  1. Patsy – Daniel Yaffe
  2. Cerberus – Simon Dollard / Ross Weaver
  3. Tashtego – Joe Atkinson 

Division 4

  1. Valentis – Bruce Foy
  2. Keoki III – Peter Davison
  3. Gannet – Simon Coventry


  1. Louise Tillett

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By Angus Olding


2016 Musto International

This highly competitive Youth Match Racing regatta has moved up from grade 3 to grade 2, and will be held from 22-25 November at the CYCA. It is the 15th consecutive year the regatta has been held by the CYCA and has drawn competitors from America, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Australia. The regatta will be raced on the CYCA’s Elliott 7 fleet with 12 teams entered.

The RSYS is represented by Nick Rozenauers steering, Mitch Evans on Main, Angus Olding Trimming, Zac Quinlan on bow and Alex Rozenauers as 5th.

It will be a tough regatta with a lot of strong competition but hopefully the boys get some good racing in. Good luck guys!

Check the live results on the CYCA’s website 



Tuesday Twilights 15 November

What a contrast to last week! Thunder and lightning were replaced by cerulean sky, glorious sunshine...but not much wind. The fleet of 27 drifted amicably around the course, glasses of bubbly twinkling in the setting sun. Eventually, the majority of the Ladies Division and Sportboats made it home but it is worth noting that none of the boats in the Open division ie sailed by men managed to finish...

Fleet: 27 in all, Ladies Division - 15, Ynglings/Elliotts - 9, Open - 3. This compares to just 21 in the second race last season.   

Winners: Ladies Division - CoCo, Sportboats - Mojo. CoCo, pictured above, also took Best Start. 
The CoCo crew, L to R: Kate Mc Cann, Melissa Taylor, Paula Taylor, Alexia Biggs, Liz Madsen

Melissa Taylor writes, 'We have been enjoying sailing together on CoCo for three years. The thing we most enjoy is the camaraderie and the actual sailing. We have all improved so much and feel we are a very cohesive unit. We are all LOTS graduates except our mighty Skipper Kate McCann who is a Youth Sailing Graduate. Missing from the photo ares Lisa Dowe , Jenny Lowry and our Boat Whisperers Glen Madsen and Russell Taylor.'

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Best dressed skipper: Sarah Goddard-Jones of Wine-Dark Sea. Best accessorised crew: also Wine-Dark Sea.

See you again next week!

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Harken International Youth Match Racing Championship

The 24th Harken International Youth Match Racing Championship, hosted by RPAYC, will run from 16 - 20 November. Teams of four or five under 23 year olds will sail on the club's Elliott 7s to compete for the ‘Rockin’ Robin Perpetual Trophy’. Wednesday is the registration and practice session day and racing will be conducted from Thursday till Sunday.

Twelve teams from New Zealand, The Netherlands, United Sates of America and Australia will compete this year. The team representing RSYS consists of: Nick Rozenaures on Helm, Mitch Evans on Main, Ben Fraser Trimming, Zac Quinlan on Bow and Alex Rozenauers as 5th.

Best of luck to the RSYS team and all other competitors!

View more information on the regatta website 

Photo by RPAYC media

Saturday 12 November results

Last Saturday was race 10 for the 2016/17 Spring series and races 10-12 were completed in the Mini A regatta for the Dragon and Etchells. With temperatures tipping 30c, conditions on the water were searing and bright. The wind took its time to decide where it could consistently blow from as there were wind directions of N, NW and NE throughout the day, eventually settling in from the East in the mid-afternoon. Overall the day's racing was very pleasant and those participating welcomed the sunny weather. 


Podium Results- 12 November


Division 1

  1. Huntress – Philip Grove
  2. Jackie Clare – Geoff Davidson
  3. Equiknox – John Molyneux / Peter Bray

Division 2

  1. Campeador – Jonathan Threlfall
  2. Solange – A King / T Carroll / W Hutchinson
  3. Senta – Julie & Terry Clarke

Division 3

  1. Wallop – Bryan Collis / Stephen Wall
  2. Tingari – John Jeremy
  3. Norn – Robert Albert


Mini A (Total pointscore after 12 races)



  1. Liquidity – Richard Franklin – 21.5 pts
  2. Whimsical – Gordon Ingate – 26 pts
  3. Ascalon – Jim Hawkins / Andrew Howe – 33 pts


  1. Adolescence – Steve Billingham – 58 pts
  2. Dot – David Seaton – 61.5 pts
  3. Top 40 – Bonouvrie / Merrington – 63 pts


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By Angus Olding

Extreme tech informs crews & drives spectator fun

The Extreme Sailing Series™ isn’t just at the forefront of its sport; it is also a leader in developing new technologies and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the water.

Thanks to its partnership with German tech giant SAP, the Extreme Sailing Series allows fans to immerse themselves in the action more than ever before while also providing teams with valuable data to help them sail faster.

SAP has been an official technical partner of the Extreme Sailing Series since 2012 offering real-time 3D visualisations of the racing, live leader boards and vital post-race statistics like average and top speeds, distance sailed and number of manoeuvres performed.

But SAP’s insights into the superfast Stadium Racing of the Extreme Sailing Series have become even more important to spectators and sailors alike this season with the move to ‘flying’ GC32 catamarans that lift clear of the water on special hydrofoils.

To help teams get to grips with the new foiling boats, hyper-sensitive sensors have been fitted to the fleet of GC32s that tell sailors how high above the water they are, plus crucial information about the angle of the boat.

Thousands of readings are then transmitted from the boats to SAP’s data hub where clever algorithms turn them into understandable information. Never before have professional sailors been presented with so many figures with which to fine-tune their performance, and help them put on a thrilling show for fans around the world.

“The whole strategy for us is to make sailing more transparent and understandable for fans and sailors,” explained Milan Černý, Technology & Innovation Lead, Global Sponsorships at SAP. “If you’re a sailor or a coach you want to understand about your performance. Historically performances were improved by analysing sessions on the water but now with technology you can compare that to hard facts.

“You get tracking, wind readings, the course you sailed thanks to GPS, and now boats are foiling we’re adding another dimension to it. All of a sudden the boats can fly and we want to understand what makes them fly, and what the ideal way to sail these boats is.

“We try to collaborate with the sailing teams as closely as possible because we want their feedback – they’re the experts so they can tell us what the most relevant things are. They told us the most important things to know are whether it is worth attempting to foil, and what the best angles are to sail once up.

“Foiling is also new to the Extreme Sailing Series audience so we want to educate them too and tell them what’s so special about foiling. Our technology can do that.”

While the concept of foiling is relatively new to sailing, Černý says it is just the beginning of a journey that will see the sport at the forefront of technological development.

“This is a journey we are on with the Extreme Sailing Series to push the boundaries of our sport,” he said. “GPS tracking has been around for a while but now we’re putting it into context, measuring manoeuvres and then taking that data and supplying it to the fleet and the public. That’s the innovation, and foiling is just another step in that journey.

“F1 cars have around 120 sensors on them. The Extreme Sailing Series fleet is not quite at that level yet but we’re getting there. There are so many more things we could measure on these boats – weight distribution, heart rate monitoring, sail trim and so on – to make racing even more exciting for the sailors and fans.

“We are driving this innovation with the Series – it’s our goal to make this technology happen.”

The ESS will be hosted by RSYS from Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 December. Members and their guests will be able to follow the action on 60” hanging TVs, a video wall, SAP public outdoor screens and the 'stat zone'. Examples of the type of analytics, 3D graphics and live streaming available are below:




By ESS Media
Photo by Lloyd Images

The ESS will be hosted by RSYS from 8-11 December. For the best view of the action, book a table in the CCA via Reception.

Friday Twilights 11 November

Race six of the Audi Alto Artarmon Friday Twilight Series commenced with 10-12 kt East-North-Easterly winds paired with low to mid 20’s in temperature with scattered clouds. There were 73 boats on the water all hungry for the chance to win the 'Audi for the Weekend' prize, Alice Zehnder from Bordeaux, pictured below on the right, collected the prize this week. Make sure you come down this Friday for your chance to win as well as enjoying a relaxed, social sail.  


Division 1

  1. The Count – Anthony Bell
  2. Minerva – Tim & Edward Cox
  3. Hinemoa – Chris Roberts

Division 2

  1. Enigma – Garry & Anna Connery  
  2. Crackerjack – Dennis Galvin & Chris Harper
  3. Zeus – Jim Dunstan

Division 3

  1. Incorrigible – Bowden/Nelson/Stewart
  2. Cerberus – Simon Dollard / Ross Weaver
  3. Gail Force – Graeme Smith

Division 4

  1. Following Sea – Richard Petrie
  2. Jacana – David Creer
  3. Keoki III – Peter Davison


  1. Nick Rozenauers
  2. Simon Wubben


View full results here 


By Angus Olding


Tuesday Twilights 8 November

The Paspaley Ladies Twilights series commenced with thunder, lightning, waves and a very large Navy warship smack bang in front of the finish line. Frankly, any lady who survived that lot (quick head count - yup, all present and correct) deserved a jolly good red in the CCA afterwards! 

There was a good turnout despite the grim forecast: 25 boats in all, Ladies Division - 15, Ynglings/Elliotts - 8, Open - 2. This compares to just 21 in the first race last season.   

Winners: Ladies Division - Trilogy, Sportboats - Miss Pibb, Open - Mercier. 
Rapunzel, pictured above, took Best Start with Kookaburra
Rapunzel crew Kylie Lloyd won the lucky door prize. 

Learn to sail students on Elliott 4 earned their stripes in the storm.  

Wine-Dark Seas' prize-winning Paella was served.

140 drenched sailors enjoyed dinner in the CCA afterwards.

See you again next week!

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From Sydney to Suez

Jill and David Henry will recount their voyage through Kalimantan, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Eritrea and the Sudan at the Cruising Division talk on 23 November. They will also share their top tips for navigation instruments, communications and weather watch systems, and recount the story of how they sailed 2000NM without a rudder in the Pacific!

The talk will be inspiring and somewhat hair-raising - don't miss the event and book today. 

Event details
Date: Wednesday 23 November
Time: 6pm for 6.20pm start 
Cost: There is no cost to attend the presentation, but please RSVP to assist with the setting up.
Why not stay for dinner afterwards and continue the discussion with other cruising enthusiasts.


Morna Cup

Saturday 5 November saw the 3rd race of the Short Ocean Point score which also contributed to the Perseverance Trophy series as race number two, scheduled at the RSYS. The Morna Cup was completed with twelve boats racing in division one and nine from division two.

Unfortunately the scheduled Spring serioes racing was abandoned for all divisions and classes due to excessive wind.


Morna Cup Race- SOPS Race 3 (PHS)

Division 1
Awarded the Morna Cup

  1. Occasional Course Language 2 (CYCA) – Warwick Sherman
  2. Just a Dash (MHYC) – Philip Dash
  3. St. Jude (CYCA) – Noel Cornish

Division 2

Awarded the G Carter Trophy

  1. Stormaway (MHYC) – Jack Stening / Col Gunn
  2. Peach Teats Velocity (CYCA) – Brian Carrick 
  3. Soundtrack (CYCA) – John Amos


Perseverance Trophy Series Race 2 (PHS)

  1. Willyama (RSYS) – Barron / Stanley / Sanlorenzo  
  2. Soundtrack (CYCA) – John Amos
  3. Limelight (RSYS) – Alan Husband


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